10 Great Fall Decorating Ideas for Homeowners

Fall is nearly here, which means it’s time to find the best fall decorating ideas for homeowners. While the weather doesn’t change in Marin or Santa Rosa County like in other areas, we can definitely still partake in fall décor to get us ready for the upcoming season.

Decorating your home can be an exciting way to temporarily change its appearance, and even self-proclaimed non-decorators can take part!

From your home’s first fall impression to a beautifully decorated kitchen and living space, these are a few of our favorite fall decorating ideas for homeowners.

Fall Door Hanger

Wreaths aren’t just for the Holiday season. Start early this year with a fall-themed wreath for your front door. Harvest wreaths like this can be a DIY project or the perfect purchase to get you into the fall spirit. Stores like Michael’s have an array of wreath-making supplies if you’d like to make your own.

There are a number of quality local farmers markets, which are also great places to find handmade fall door hangers. Wreaths help add to that ideal first impression when guests arrive, and hint at what’s in store once they enter.


These wreaths can fit with a number of décor styles, whether you love neutrals or are looking for a Halloween-themed wreath for an upcoming party.

Add Fall-Themed Table Centerpieces

Table  centerpieces can reside in a number of rooms, from your formal dining room to your family room’s coffee table or your kitchen island. Fall-themed centerpieces could be a bowl of mini pumpkins and squash, or it could be new candles.

Depending on your table’s space and how frequently you use it, you may choose to get more elaborate with your centerpieces. We love how this table was transformed for fall with a pumpkin vase! (All you need to do is scoop out the insides and fill with flowers and branch cuttings.)


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Update Your Fireplace Mantle

One of the more traditional spaces for holiday décor, your fireplace’s mantle is an ideal space that’s out of reach from small hands and family pets.

A garland of fall leaves and orange – unlit – candles add to a room’s warmth, and can easily be swapped for evergreens come December. (Or earlier, if you’re one of those celebratory elves.) If you like the soft glow from candles, try electric models to minimize the fire hazard around flammable objects like leaves.

We love how this blogger chose neutrals as an atypical color scheme for her fall mantle display. Don’t be afraid to break the mold!


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If you love the colors of fall and want to bring them inside, this is another way to decorate your fireplace mantle for fall.


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Fill Your Home’s Fireplace

If you don’t use your fireplace, it’s an excellent out-of-the-way place to add fall home décor. An assortment of large candles is a creative way to utilize an otherwise unused space.

This blogger chose a candle holder to use inside the fireplace, while decorating the area surrounding it with other fall-themed items. You can also use purposefully mismatched candlesticks.


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Replace Your Place Settings

Your place settings are an ideal way to add a touch of fall without adding clutter to your kitchen or dining room. A burnt orange table cloth can make a beautiful statement with white place settings and deep yellow napkins. Serving dishes can also be swapped out, and pull double duty with décor and a dish to hold your family’s favorite comfort food.

Dishes are a larger investment and can take up storage space, but choosing fall-colored dishes can add color to your home and make a statement.


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Add Uncommon Gourds Throughout

We typically think of orange pumpkins and yellow or green squash, but choosing differently colored gourds can help add another layer to your fall décor. Choose neutral, small pumpkins as part of a center-piece, or arrange a mix of colors and shapes in a unique bowl on your coffee table.

Many farms that host fall festivals have pumpkins and squash for sale, giving you the perfect opportunity to try a corn maze, take the kids on a hay ride, and pick up some inspiration for fall decorating for your home.


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If you aren’t afraid of a Pinterest DIY project, you can make votives out of a mix of gourds for your next gathering.


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Add Your House Number on Pumpkins

This unique idea adds some practicality to your home’s fall décor. (Not that you have to be practical, though.) Using vinyl number stickers or acrylic paint, use a large pumpkin as the canvas for your home’s numbers.


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Surround this pumpkin with others of various sizes and colors, and you could add a haybale, too. This creates a fun, unique first impression, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party.

Add Fall to Your Bookshelves

Your home’s bookshelves are an excellent place to add a few thought-out pieces to enhance the room’s fall theme without taking up too much space. Because of how seasonal décor can add to an already full mantle or crowd a coffee table, your bookshelf can hold smaller items and keep them out of the way.

These items could be small fall-themed figurines, pumpkins, a small vase of fall flowers, or a number of other ideas. When fall changes to winter and it comes time to replace fall décor with your holiday favorites, simply switch out the pumpkins with a dreidel, ceramic tree, or another choice.


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Add Warmth to Back Porch or Deck

Even San Rafael can get chilly on fall nights, so making a cozy back porch with a firepit is an excellent way to decorate for the season while staying warm. The array of firepits available means you can find one that fits your style and any space restrictions.


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Including some fall potted plants like mums around the edge and fall-colored throw pillows can help transform your space for fireside chats with friends and family game nights.

Hang a Fall-Colored Canvas or Wall Hanging

Most of these fall décor suggestions are centered around items on tables or bookshelves, but your walls are also valuable space for a fall-themed canvas or wall hanging. It doesn’t need to be pumpkins or scarecrows, either.

A modern art piece with yellow, orange, and red can help add to the fall décor without the traditional imagery.

This wall hanging on Etsy can be made with your choice of colors, and adds texture to your space.


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Tip: Replace Everyday Items with Fall Themed Stand Ins

Your home may get cluttered quickly when adding fall décor, but it doesn’t need to be. Switching out a fruit bowl or place setting reduces the extra items and maximizes space while still offering a chance to celebrate the season.

Regardless of your home’s style, fall décor is an excellent way to embrace the season, try something new in your North Bay home, and have some fun, too. These fall decorating ideas for homeowners will keep your home ready for the upcoming season, even if we don’t experience the weather change like other areas!