2018’s Hottest Interior Paint Colors

When it’s time to think about paint colors for your home, you might want to consider what interior designers are calling the hottest colors of the year. 2018’s go-to shades are both minimal pastels and vibrant, bold shades that will fit with any design aesthetic.

From Sherwin-Williams’ top choice to Pantone’s Color of the Year, we love what 2018 has in store.

Take a look; you may just be surprised with what you see.

Minimalist Pastels

Pastels aren’t just for spring décor! They’re also a great way to add color to your home without an overbearing result. If you’d like to make a statement but aren’t sure about a bold color, minimalist pastels are your go to color paint trend for 2018.

As Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams’ Director of Marketing, explains, “Soft, washed neutrals, greens, and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony.”

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Shades of Purple

As one of 2018’s hottest interior paint colors, we’re loving how shades of purple can bring a room together. The best part about shades of purple in your home? Yours will look different from other homes, because of the diverse number of shades and how you utilize it in your home.

Ultra Violet is also Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, and we can’t wait to see how designers and homeowners are using it. You can not only include this color palette on the walls, but also in your upholstery, pillows, area rugs, and other décor pieces.

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Vibrant, Deep Hues

Vibrant, deep colors are universal in design style, and one of our favorite shades to work with. Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside, a hue that’s rich blue with jewel-toned green.


Described as a, “multi-dimensional, marine-inspired look [that] can create a welcoming statement as a lively color for a front door.” Wherever you choose to use it, its “green-meets-blue tone can also boost creative thinking and clarity of thought in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection into a bedroom or reading nook.”


Oceanside can be used for both primary and accent colors, depending on your design aesthetic. It makes a beautifully striking accent color for your home’s interior, like for this door. We use Sherwin-Williams paint for our interior home painting needs, and always enjoy how well their shades pair with our clients’ interior décor.

Another one of 2018’s hottest interior paint colors is a striking, deep red. Its hue is perfect for accent walls like this that can help add energy and harmony to a room.


Tranquil Blue for Any Style

Another Pantone shade for 2018 is Ether, part of their Color of the Year color palette. This palette is created to “embody calmness” for a timeless finished room. These smoky shades are perfect for a master suite or kitchen, creating a calming, harmonious space.

We’re excited to see how we can use this palette for our clients’ interior design. There are many different ways to use these colors in your home, ensuring that you’ll have a unique design that will serve you well for many years.

Whether you want a vibrant, creative space to dream or a calm, bright kitchen you’ll love to be in, 2018’s hottest interior paint colors are a great place to start.

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