8 Great Winter Decorating Tips for Your Home

Winter weather is coming soon. The days are getting shorter. And the nights are getting colder.
So we thought that you’d enjoy reading about these winter decorating tips for your home that we often recommend to our clients.


Build a Fire

If you have a fireplace –– and it’s not a Spare the Air day –– light a fire and move your furniture around it to enjoy the warmth.

Turn the area into a cozy space for your family to gather and chat.

Throw down some pillows and a rug to cozy up to the fireplace. And don’t forget to dress up your fireplace with an unusual or ornate screen.

Add Colorful Accents

Turn your furniture into bright spots of color with brightly colored pillows, festive throw rugs, lively lampshades, or bold interior paint.

But don’t just use these spots of color during the winter months. Keep them around throughout the year or change the pillow colors in spring and fall.

You can also dress up any window with colorful window treatments –– in your kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms. These not only add more contrast; they can also add warmth by blocking out winter winds or insulating against cold temperatures.

Put a Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

A mirror can reflect daytime light, firelight, or even artificial light.

A large mirror can turn a blank wall into something much more exciting, such as a reflection of a colorful tree in your yard or your vibrant living room furniture.

Or paint the mirror with an exciting frame to add even more color to any room.

Dress Up Your Chairs

Add inexpensive slipcovers to your dining room or kitchen chairs to add color, add warmth, and for easy cleaning.

For example, neutral color dining room slipcovers will let your table shine through, whether it’s wood, glass, or metal. Or let your placemats, china and serving platters become the centers of attraction.


Throw in a Toasty Rug

A sheepskin rug adds an instant layer of comfort and warmth to your bed, your couch, or your floor.

Or try throwing one on top of your ottoman to chase the chill from your feet.

A throw rug over your wooden floors makes any room more inviting, too. Want to experiment a bit? Add a colored runner over a white or neutral rug for a layered look.

Turn a Window into a Seat

Any window can become a window seat with the right pillow, cozy cushions, or warming blankets. But don’t forget to make them colorful to make that area more inviting to your family and guests.


Make Some Common Scents Decisions

Winter offers so many wonderful aromas that can add such a wonderful scent to your home.

So buy some wintry cinnamon. Add some pinecones and pine needles to a bowl. Consider seasonal plants like poinsettias or evergreens. Place any of these on a fireplace mantel, your living room table, or where you dine.

Welcome the Holidays into Your Home

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other winter holiday, dress up your home with lights, trees, plants, bushes, or mistletoe!

If you love candles, consider luminary bags from your curb to your front door to light the way and make a statement in your neighborhood.

What More Advice About Winter Decorating Tips for Your Home?

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