8 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Better

A kitchen is just a kitchen, right? Not exactly. It’s the number one place in your home where most of the activity happens – and it’s not just cooking meals. When you have a party, people tend to hang out in the kitchen. When you need a place to sit down and spread out some paperwork, you’ll use your kitchen table. And of course, it’s the place where kids seem to love to get into trouble.

So how can you make the number room in your home better than it is? Try out these 8 ideas.

Number 1: From the Floor Up

If your kitchen floor is as old as your house, that’s the logical place to start updating your kitchen.

Today’s kitchen flooring options include a variety of hardwoods, tiles, or laminates that look like either. When making the decision think about who will be in the house. Are there young children, pets, or the frequent high heel wearer? Look for a flooring option that can withstand what will be walking on it day in and day out.

Number 2: Add a Mirror

Mirrors reflect light and when added to a kitchen, with the proper angle, you can reflect the natural light your kitchen receives to spotlight a certain part of your kitchen. This is a great idea if you need a little extra light to see what’s at the back of your cabinets.

That’s not all mirrors are good for. Interior designers have known for years that when you add a mirror to a room it creates the illusion that the room is twice as big. And who doesn’t want a bigger kitchen?

Number 3: Take a Look Out the Window

Almost every kitchen we’ve ever painted had at least one window. Some have two.

Many have had large bay windows that can hold a few small plants and provide three sections of light to the kitchen area.

Window frames can easily be dressed up with contrasting paint colors or by adding a new curtain to add interest to your kitchen.

Number 4: Do Something Exciting with Your Kitchen Cabinets: Stain Them

Cabinets are the work horse of any kitchen. In fact, if your kitchen cabinets have good “bones,” we recommend staining them instead of replacing them. Doing this will give old cabinets a bold, new look.

How We Stain Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve been helping kitchen cabinets take on a new look for many years and have created a seven-step process to make the job as efficient and economical as possible.

  1. First, we strip and sand them down to the bare wood
  2. Then we condition the wood
  3. Stain it
  4. Refinish it
  5. Apply a first clear coat
  6. Sand the kitchen cabinets with a fine grit sandpaper
  7. Lastly, apply a second clear coat

Number 5: Don’t Like Staining, How About Paint?

If the stain look isn’t something you think would work for your kitchen cabinets, an alternative would be to paint them.

The process is like staining except we spray the paint on to the cabinets, ensuring a very smooth look and finish.

Number 6: Highlight What’s Behind the Stove

The area behind your stove is often neglected when it comes to design and we believe that’s a big mistake.

This area, known as the backsplash, is an opportunity to add some life to your kitchen. Think how a sterling silver backsplash, a creative tile design, or just a bold, different color would make the kitchen stand out.

Number 7: Update Your Pulls and Highlight Your Lights

One of the easiest, fastest and no-hassle ways to make your kitchen better is by simply upgrading your pulls and knobs.

You can also consider adding better lighting such as spotlights, island lights, track lighting, or even under cabinet lighting to dial up the illumination in your kitchen.

Pulls and lights can be found at any of the larger hardware and do-it-yourself stores in Marin. If you need some advice on where to purchase, we can help.

Number 8: Upgrade Your Appliances

Lastly, if you don’t want to upgrade your entire kitchen, think about which of your appliances could use an update. The technology used to create the latest faucets, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even microwaves has come a long way in the last few years. You wouldn’t believe what’s possible now-a-days.

These types of upgrades will provide you with years of pleasure in the kitchen and instantly will add some pizzazz.

Painters That Know Their Way Around the Kitchen

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