When to Paint Instead of Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Finding a kitchen cabinet painter in San Rafael can be a great way to recreate your kitchen’s design without replacing your cabinets or beginning a kitchen renovation. Whether you want to re-stain to re-paint your cabinets, it can make a big difference in your kitchen’s appearance.

Your home should reflect your personality and offer a place where you can rest and refuel. And that’s easy to do when you have a kitchen you love.

What to Know Before Hiring a Kitchen Cabinet Painter

While painting your cabinets definitely sounds ideal, it’s important to know whether they can be painted at all. The best cabinets for painting or staining are solid wood.

Due to how laminate cabinets are constructed, sanding them down and repainting is not a viable option and won’t result in a high quality product. In this instance, we recommend purchasing new cabinets.

You Recently Purchased Cabinets

If you’ve purchased cabinets within the last five years, hiring a painter can be the best way to revitalize your kitchen. Instead of spending the money to replace those that are in great shape, invest in a new paint color. Depending on the type of cabinets you purchased, they will last for many years.

Because cabinets cover a large amount of space in a kitchen, changing the paint color can change the entire feel. White is a popular and beautiful choice for a light, airy kitchen, or you could choose a light color for the top and a dark color for the bottom cabinets.


The tiled backsplash pairs beautifully with the contrasting kitchen cabinets and white countertop. This kitchen features multiple colors, but all work together to create a cohesive and relaxing finished look.

These options can help give you a new kitchen without the hassle of a kitchen renovation. If you know you want a new color but don’t know where to begin, our colorist, Nancy, can meet with you to create a color palette you’ll love.

You Recently Bought a Home

Buying a house in Marin is exciting, but yellowing or peeling cabinets can put a damper on the joy of moving into your new home. If the cabinets are solid wood and in good condition – aside from the yellowing or peeling paint – hiring a kitchen cabinet painter can be an excellent way to recreate your kitchen.

You could also choose a wood stain, as it highlights the wood’s texture. While staining may not seem like a drastic change, it can be an ideal way to alter your kitchen’s appearance.

Light or dark stain each offer a different aesthetic, and can help create a beautiful “new” kitchen for you as you move into your new home.

The perk of painting your cabinets before (or right after) you move in is that the kitchen is empty. No need to empty your cabinets; just fill them up once as you unpack from the move.

You Recently Installed New Appliances

Owning a home often means unpredictable appliances. If your refrigerator or oven recently broke and your replacement doesn’t match your kitchen, you don’t need a full renovation. Painting your kitchen cabinets can help create a cohesive space with your new appliances.

This is particularly important if you had a white refrigerator but chose a black one, or vice versa. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are versatile, but colored options only work with certain color combinations.

We are the 4th house on our block to use MoonDance Painting here in Berkeley. Our neighbors raved at their service and we loved how their houses looked, so we decided to get a quote.

“Our quote was great, they endlessly sent digital renderings of our home painted this way and that, and then when it came to finally doing the work, they worked quickly and did a great job. We found them easy to work with and are pleased with their craft.” – J.K.

You’re Ready for a Design Change

An aesthetic change like painting kitchen cabinets can give you the design transformation you want without an extensive renovation. Refinishing or repainting also gives you a chance to modify the physical look of your cabinets.

The open shelf trend is a great way to showcase unique dishes, mementos, or your weekly trip to the flower shop. You don’t need to take the doors off every cabinet, but one or two strategically placed open shelves with a new paint color can recreate your kitchen’s design into something beautifully unique.


(Image Source)

The dishes in these open cabinets add color to a white kitchen, and offers quick access.

If you’re interested in painting your cabinets but don’t know where to begin, this guide to Pantone’s Color of the Year shares tips to incorporate a bright color like Greenery into your kitchen.

The MoonDance Painting Difference

Repainting kitchen cabinets is an involved process, and requires a detail-oriented team to get the results you want. We begin by removing the cabinet doors and all hardware. This gives us a blank canvas that we then strip to bare wood if staining, or sand smooth if painting.

When painting kitchen cabinets, we’ll fully prime every exposed surface. This gives the best foundation for your paint, letting the color shine. We’ll also caulk areas as needed. For both staining and painting, everything is sanded down with a high grit sandpaper before applying the first coat.

We’ll then follow up with multiple coats of your chosen color, ensuring your cabinets will last for many years. To get the best results, we spray the paint on rather than brushing or rolling.

This ensures a finish without brush marks or the texture paint rollers often leave. Because of the level of attention your cabinets will receive daily, we want to ensure they have a smooth, even finish.

Our team also adheres to warranty standards, and we aren’t fans of making a mess. Every day we’ll clean up the work area; this is your home, not a construction zone!

In addition to the exterior of the house, MoonDance also patched some peeling paint on our kitchen cabinets and repainted a built-in linen closet that hadn’t been repainted in many years. They did a lovely job here too, and they did it much more cheaply than two other painters we’d gotten bids from.” – Kate M.

It’s possible to change your kitchen’s appearance without a renovation. Painting cabinets offers a different way to create a new aesthetic in your home. It’s an ideal choice if they are still in good condition, and this method saves you the time and aggravation of installing new cabinets.

If you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet painter in San Rafael, give us a call at (888) 977-2468 for a free consultation.