If You Have Any Bay Area Painting Needs, Consider MoonDance Painting

At MoonDance Painting, our team doesn’t just strive to meet your expectations. We work very hard to exceed them with eco-friendly paints and superior quality workmanship.

Most importantly,  we want you to feel that we care about you, as a partner for years to come for all of your painting and staining needs. We want you to know that you will always receive great service at a fair price. And we want you to feel that we care about you, your families, and your home or office.

Cleanliness Is Next to Everything

We are not fans of making a mess, which is why we seal off the rooms being painted with plastic and vent the painting odors to force outside all smells and off-gases of the paint.  We also have a thorough cleanup procedure each day to leave the site as clean and fresh as we can.  

We Adhere to Paint Warranty Guidelines

MoonDance Painting prefers Sherwin-Williams Paints because of their lifetime guarantee, low- and no-VOC levels, and superior quality.  To comply with the standards of the paint manufacturer, we apply the paint to the proper manufacturer’s specified thickness. This insures you receive their product guarantee and can offer a seven-year warranty on every project.  

Painting Exteriors

Color is an important concern for every exterior project and we are here to help you through that process.  We can offer fan decks of colors to look through, digital renderings of a photo of your home with color schemes applied, colored 8×11 sheets or even apply small samples to a wall for review.  These are all options available to help you with your color choices.  

Once your colors are chosen, we will schedule and begin work.  If your house was built before 1978 we will use lead safety precautions as outlined by the EPA for RRP contractors, which  means protecting all flooring and plants with thick plastic and Duct Tape.  We then wet scrape with full containment and cleanup using HEPPA Vacuums.  All bare areas are then properly primed with chalking or stains.  Finally, we caulk trim, windows, cracked siding, or damaged wood, and use Elastomeric patch for all stucco cracks.  

Once all the necessary preparations are done, we will paint all surfaces with two full coats of ultra-premium paints as described by the PDCA and the paint manufacturer.  We make sure to apply all paint to the proper thickness to ensure all manufacturer warranties apply and that the paint will last for as long as possible. That means we use far more paint than most painters, but this ensures we are able to warranty our work much longer than most.  

Painting Interiors

The colors of the inside of your home or office can affect your everyday life in many ways. That is why MoonDance Painting focuses our attention on every detail, from personal color preference to how it matches your furniture, tile, cabinets and even the exterior view.  Where digital color renderings are used for exteriors, color consultations and painted brush-outs are available for interiors.

We carefully move all furniture to a well-protected area, then cover and protect all flooring, valuables, and furniture.  Your walls are then fully prepared –– cleaned, plaster holes filled, and texture repaired, as needed.

From there, we prime as needed: cut in walls and roll the chosen paint onto the walls. We also sand and prepare the trim, then hand-brush the trim with only the best self-leveling, low- or no-VOC paints to give the smoothest, hardest and most durable finish.  The results are breathtaking and the quality is outstanding.

Cabinet Painters in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learn more about our cabinet painting services.

Commercial Painting Projects

To provide residential quality for all of our commercial projects, MoonDance Painting maintains extremely high standards for quality control.  We don’t just focus on customer satisfaction at the completion of the project, but on daily satisfaction by providing current progress reports and updates to ensure the clients get exactly what was estimated.

For each commercial project, we make sure that we have daily communications between the management and the tenants to make sure everyone is informed about every step of the project.

Although we offer our same high standards we still remain very competitive on commercial projects.  Not only that but we are licensed, bonded and fully insured.  From start to finish you will be working with top-notch estimators, painters, and managers.   

Please call us to request your free, no-obligation estimate for your home or office building’s exterior and/or interior in San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Sonoma and Solano County.