Can The Right Paint Color Boost Your Home Value?

When one of our friends moved into their San Rafael home years ago, the master bedroom had one dark purple wall. It was so hideous. Every bedroom and the living room had wainscoting with different colored striped paint. And the kitchen? Our client couldn’t describe that particular Laura Ashley nightmare without crying.

So when you consider whether or not “the right paint color can increase your home value,” the answer is always an emphatic “Yes!”

A San Francisco Real Estate Agent’s Feedback”

Tom Redmond, owner of Redmond Realty in San Francisco, says, “Light, neutral, airy interior paint seems to sell the best in The City. I have represented many homeowners who have been in their house for decades. Their homes have lots of dark wood and wainscoting, but when we paint it over, you get a lot more money for the home. He continues, “I had a client who was an artist – she had a hot pink bedroom – and it really hurt her home’s value because she wouldn’t change it. That’s not what we want to show when we stage a home. The average buyer needs neutrality to maximize the value. So even if they’re well-educated and successful, they often just can’t see past the color.”

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What Colors Your Rooms Should Be? It’s A Matter of Taste.

The right paint color can increase your home value, but it always has to be the right color.

Though kitchens are often shown with white paint in decorating magazines, Zillow research shows that painting a kitchen white does not necessarily increase its home’s sales price. But kitchens that are painted in yellow or other bright, neutral colors sell for a higher price.

For bedrooms, the right color can be a challenge. Tom noted a pink bedroom, while our friend bought a house with a purple boudoir. Zillow discovered that soothing paint colors like light green or khaki can help raise the value of your home –– and the eyebrows of a potential buyer.

For a living room, dove or light-grey work best as the right paint color to increase your home value, while orange is the worst possible shade.

For your dining room, purple is actually a good choice. Zillow found that lavender, mauve, or eggplant sold for more money, while slate or dark-grey dining rooms sold for less.

Finally, for your bathroom, the right paint color that can increase your home value is typically not an issue. Zillow’s study found that beige colors are the best colors to raise the value, while dark-brown cause the value to drop.

“When I see a home for the first time during a walk-through with the owner,” Tom adds, “I always recommend that they consider painting the home’s interior. In my experience, certain colors can boost the home’s value by several thousand dollars to tens of thousands or more, depending on the price point. The other day, 15 minutes after an Open House, we got an offer because we had repainted with neutral tones and the right trim.”

Can’t Decide on What Color to Paint?

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