Do I Really Need to Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

“I hate my kitchen cabinets!” is a phrase that begins many home renovations, but what if it was possible to love your cabinets without the extensive and costly process? Painting the kitchen cabinets in your Marin and Sonoma County home is an ideal way to recreate your kitchen’s design without filling your home with saw dust and leaving your wallet empty.

There’s an important distinction, too. There is hating the color of the cabinets, and there is hating the organization. This distinction will help you get a kitchen you love.

Paint Instead of Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinets in your San Rafael or Santa Rosa home is ideal when you already enjoy the structure and organization of the space. This mean you can recreate the feel and appearance of the room without a redesign.

If kitchen cabinets were stained or painted a dark color, the space can seem smaller than it is. Repainting your kitchen cabinets can help open up the space without taking down a wall or expanding a window. Light colors generally help create the illusion of a larger space, and you aren’t limited to one color, either!

Choosing one color for the top and one for the bottom can help create a beautiful color palette supported with the backsplash and décor.

We love the elegant simplicity of this design. The cabinets are distinct yet complementary, and it’s an ideal way to brighten your home.

What to Know Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you hate your kitchen cabinets, there are definitely ways we can help. But first, you need to know if your cabinets can be painted. This largely depends on their material.

To properly paint your cabinets, they need to be solid wood rather than particle board. Because of the extensive preparation we complete before painting cabinetry, particle board will not withstand the sanding and other preparations we do before paint even touches the wood.

The cabinets’ age typically doesn’t matter. It’s typically the condition that determines whether we can paint or not. If there are dings, scratches, or loose hinges, we can still paint your cabinets. But if the wood itself is compromised, then painting them may not be worth the investment because they will still need to be replaced soon.

Recreate Your Kitchen by Removing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When paired with a new paint or stain color, removing cabinet doors can recreate your kitchen’s appearance. Open shelving is a popular choice, and is an excellent way to show off special glassware or vintage finds.

In this home, the design team used open cabinetry to showcase the unique glassware, while also maximizing the efficiency and minimal design. If you don’t like the design of your kitchen cabinets’ doors, this is an excellent way to solve the problem without replacing them.

Inject Your Personality by Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets don’t need to be completely white. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to add your personality to your home. If you’ve recently bought your home, it can often be a challenge to make it truly yours. Instead of a kitchen renovation, try going bold and unexpected when hiring a kitchen cabinet painter

One of our favorite projects to date was this home where we added contrast to their cabinetry. This Marin County home is beautifully white and has a great aesthetic, and we used pops of bright orange inside their cabinets to inject their personality into the space.

The orange creates an unexpected addition to their kitchen, and complements the homeowners’ personality perfectly. Then, they used pieces of décor to bring that color into the rest of the space. We also used a thin line of the same hue as window trim.

Bonus Tip: Add more personality with unique drawer pulls or knobs. These can be found in vintage stores, online shops, or at local home improvement stores. These small pieces can help inject more personality without becoming overbearing. Unless you want to be, of course.

Don’t Let Great Kitchen Cabinets Go to Waste

Another ideal time to paint your kitchen cabinets is if they’ve been installed in the last five years. Maybe you’ve changed your design aesthetic during that time, or have recently moved. Don’t let high quality cabinets get thrown in a dumpster!

If you recently bought your home, the previous owners’ preference may not match your own. This can dampen the excitement of moving, so why wait to create a home you’ll love? Repaint those cabinets you hate now with a color that suits your personality.

We can rescue these cabinets by repainting them to match your current color palette.

How We Make You Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Cabinets

moondance-painting-interior-painting-example-010As home painters, we know what works and what doesn’t. We believe it’s possible to love your home with a new color palette, and only use the highest quality paints to make that happen.

Before we begin to paint though, there’s the most important part of the process: the initial walkthrough. During this meeting, we take you through colors, our process, your needs, and any additional steps like lead paint containment. (This is applicable if your home was built before 1978.)

We also use non-VOC paint, and were the first certified green painting company in California. We’ve also pioneered ways to recycle most of the products and materials we use so we can better serve and protect our clients and our community.

This thorough meeting will help us give you an accurate estimate, and you will receive a simple contract. We want to ensure that we have the right information to give you the kitchen cabinets you want.

We also have a talented colorist, who has helped relieve stress for many of our clients. For an additional fee, she can come to your home and help you find the ideal color palette for painting your kitchen cabinets.

Once you determine the right color palette, we’ll get to work. This means properly preparing the space by stripping, sanding, and priming the cabinets while protecting the rest of your home from dust. We typically spray the paint on, because it creates a result that can withstand the scrutiny your kitchen cabinets will get on a daily basis.

We also use the specified thickness for each coat on your kitchen cabinets, which means we can offer a seven-year warranty on your project. We want to ensure you’ll love your kitchen cabinets for many years, and we won’t stop until we’ve done all we can to make your project a success.

There are a number of ways to not hate your kitchen cabinets, and painting is an ideal method. When you choose to paint your home’s kitchen cabinets, you can create an aesthetic you love without the extensive kitchen renovation.

With offices in both San Rafael and Santa Rosa, we can help you enjoy spending time in your kitchen again. Give your cabinets a second life and schedule your free in-home consultation by calling us at (888) 977-2468.