Fall Decorating Ideas for Your San Rafael, CA Home

Decorating Inside and Outside

As our seasons change from fall to winter, many of my clients ask me what they should do to make their home cozier for the holidays, as well as to make their home ready for the rainy season.

This article shares many of my decorating ideas for fall with you.

Decorate Your Interiors

There are a plethora of ways to decorate your apartment, condo, or home’s interior. One easy way is to light candles at night, particularly if you’re going to be entertaining

Alternate tall candles with short ones, or use glass votive holders and wrap them in something festive like corn husks or use feathers to dress them up even more. Tie fall leaves around glass votive holders with string for a colorful result. Or get some huge glass containers, fill them with candy corn, and plop in a short, wide candle for lots of light.

Flower bouquets and plants are another easy way to dress up any home. Look for bright autumn flowers like dahlias, roses, lilacs, and carnations. Add some flair with colorful berries and gourds for Thanksgiving. Always try to show off strategically placed poinsettias for the holidays. Then place them on wooden trays or woven trays, or in natural vases made from gourds or squash.

Colorful fall leaves are so pretty and distinctive that you can even put single leaves in small glass vases, water glasses, or even champagne flutes to highlight your table.

Light Up Your Exteriors

One of our Terra Linda neighbors places luminary bags from their curb to front door every year and we’re all so jealous. All it takes is white, tan, or brown bags, sand, and candles. These are perfect for parties, neighborhood events, or other gatherings.

Also, think about changing your front door light, spotlights, and landscape lighting to orange or yellow colored bulbs to add some fall festiveness and pizzazz to your exterior. Little things like this can mean a lot to a visitor or relative this fall.

Brighten Your Doors and Window Frames

decorate-your-interiorsAsk a professional like MoonDance Painting to freshen up your front door and window frames with colorful fall colors like a light orange, green or yellow front door, or consider highlighting your window frames with a light brown or green trim. These add color and contrast to your home, may brighten up a tired entry way, and can protect your doors and windows against the harsh winter elements.

If you have steps leading to your front door, upgrading to colorful step tiles can make your home seem even more welcoming.

And if your home hasn’t been painted in at least three years, it may be time to repaint your exterior to heighten your home’s curb appeal. Pick a color that is a bit different than what you’ve been using to make a more dramatic fall statement.

Don’t Forget to Caulk and Insulate

If you’re considering painting your front door and windows, now’s the perfect time to re-caulk and insulate them as well, before the Bay Area winter rains begin. No one knows if this will be an El Niño or a La Niña year, but the rains will come.

One final thought: Add a roof or an awning over your front door to provide shelter from the coming storms for your visitors, or while you’re trying to find your front door key.

What More Advice About Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home?

Since 2005, MoonDance Painting has built our business by providing the highest level of service with daily check-ins and progress reports. We look forward to discussing any fall decorating ideas for your home, especially as fall becomes winter weather and every day counts.