6 Holiday Home Decor Ideas for Your Family

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to deck your home for the season! Holiday home decor is one of our favorite ways to celebrate, and there’s an option for every style.

Even though Marin County doesn’t get a true “winter”, you can still share the holiday spirit with your home’s decorations. Whether you enjoy natural materials like greenery and pine cones or believe that color is the only way to celebrate, here are our favorite home decor tips for the holiday season.

Holiday Decor for Your Home

We think every family has a unique style, and the holidays are a perfect time to showcase it.

  • Decorate your front porch for the holidays
  • Use lights to accent your home’s exterior
  • Use greenery to bring the outdoors inside
  • Use pine cones as a centerpiece
  • Focus on functional holiday decor
  • Freshen up your home with a fresh coat of paint

These six ideas may be just the inspiration you need to recreate the holidays in your home!

  1. Decorate Your Front Porch for the Holidays

Your home’s front porch makes a statement, and your holiday decor can help set a festive mood. There’s an array of choices, like a simple wreath and a small decorated tree next to the door. If you have a large porch, consider wrapping the pillars with wide outdoor-rated ribbon.

Another holiday porch decor idea is to hang garlands on the porch railing. This bunting could also include lighting, though it’s not necessary. You can also use lanterns to light the way up to the door. You’ll not only help guests find your home and watch their step, but it’s also a cozy decoration for your front porch.

Use your personal style and holiday desires to deck your home for the holidays!

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This front porch may not include the classic holiday colors, but it definitely fits the season! Create this look for yourself with small evergreen bushes, string lights, garlands, and a wreath for your front door. It also offers a glimpse of what’s inside, which is the perfect front porch holiday décor.

  1. Use Lights to Accent Your Home’s Exterior

If you think extreme flashing and colored lights when you hear “decorating your home for the holidays,” think again. There are beautiful ways to accent your home’s exterior, and use its architecture to your advantage.

For example, if you have bay windows on the front of your house, use icicle lights to accent the wide window shape. Use white lights on the eves, and don’t forget about your trees!

We love using geometric shaped lighting in trees, which helps break up the string lights on your home. Hang these lights throughout your trees to add dimension. This creates a unique holiday lighting look for your home, adding some character to the exterior.

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  1. Use Greenery to Bring the Outdoors Inside

We love the natural beauty that greenery adds to a home, and the holidays is a perfect time to use it. Greenery can be used throughout the home, too. It’s not just for outdoors! Add a few branches to your mantle with a piece of art, or unlit candles in hurricane vases.

It also makes a beautiful addition to a holiday table setting, without taking up too much space. This works particularly well if you’re serving family style, leaving more room on the table for your delicious meal.

Regardless of serving method, though, this is a flexible holiday home decor idea that’s perfect for however you’re celebrating. You can use tree trimmings, or pick up garlands or wreaths at home improvement stores or tree lots.

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  1. Use Pine Cones as a Part of Your Centerpiece

Pine cones? Stay with us here. When hosting a party during the holidays, you definitely want decor to set the mood. If you love the outdoors and the natural look it offers, using pine cones can create a beautiful look.

It can be tempting to fill the table with holiday decor, but make sure to leave room for the food! Fill large vases with pine cones, and include some small ball ornaments or candles as well.

Place these in the center with candles on tall candlesticks, and you have a decorated table that can still hold all the delicious food you’ve prepared!

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We love the soft glow from battery operated string lights inside the vase, which is an easy centerpiece to create for a party or family dinner.

  1. Focus on Functional Holiday Decor for Holiday Parties

If you’re tight on space but still want to create a festive atmosphere, choose multi-purpose holiday decor. It’s beautiful and adds to the spirit, but it’s also functional and won’t get in the way.

Functional holiday decor includes patterned serving plates, colored tablecloths, and festive mugs. It can be as overt or subdued as you’d like, depending on your aesthetic. When planning a party, a table cloth and centerpiece can be the base, and you can build out the rest of the holiday home decor from there.

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Vintage mugs are a great addition to any party decor, especially if they’re slightly mismatched. Choose mugs with the same basic color scheme, and the shape and pattern adds character to your egg nog, wassail, or hot chocolate bar.

  1. Freshen Up Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Getting ready for the holidays is more than adding to your home’s decor. If your walls are beginning to fade or you’re ready for a change, this is the time to freshen it up with a new paint job.

Not only will you be ready for hosting parties, family, and friends, but you’ll also start the year with a beautifully updated home! Beginning the holiday season with a freshly painted living room and kitchen is also a great foundation for the decor you want to add.

Because you want your paint color to work year-round, choosing a neutral color like beige gives you the perfect foundation for every season. White, beige, and taupe blend well with holiday colors, helping them pop against your walls.

When January comes, it’s easy to transition back to your everyday decor, or sets a foundation for reinventing your space.

If you’ve been considering painting your front door but have been waiting for the right time, right before the holiday season is it! A red door makes a beautiful statement year-round, and a freshly painted door makes the right first impression for guests.

Your house is your home, and you want to ensure the updates you make last. We use Sherwin-Williams paint and apply it to their specifications, which means your project is covered under their lifetime guarantee. We also offer eco-friendly paint, minimizing both the impact on the environment and on your family.

We believe in setting a beautiful foundation for decor through high quality paint and experienced teams. To get an in-person quote for your San Rafael, Santa Rosa or another North Bay city home painting project, give us a call at (888) 977-2468.