How to Choose a Paint Color for your San Rafael Home

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be overwhelming, but asking yourself a few key questions can help make the decision easier. As a home painter in San Rafael, we regularly work with clients in a variety of homes with different design aesthetics.

We can work together to create a unique and welcoming color palette for your home, whether you’re looking for interior or exterior home painting.

Choosing the Right Interior Color for Your Home

When considering the right color to paint your home, first you need to consider your desired home aesthetic. Each style offers a different color palette, and this gives you an excellent starting point.

Whether you enjoy the Country Chic style or prefer a more minimalist look, you can use a new paint color to bring your personality into your home. When choosing your home’s color palette, though, there are a few considerations. Most importantly, are you anticipating selling your home in the next five to ten years?

Painting your home is an investment, which means if you are anticipating selling your home in the next few years, you may want to consider a color palette that will help improve your home’s value.

Clients in this situation often choose a beige or light grey wall color, then bring their personality and style into the room with the furniture and other accents.

With this home, we painted the walls a light grey to complement the white cabinets and backsplash. The interior of the cabinets is a bright orange, which we think is a unique and fun idea for a kitchen. If the owners decide to repaint the orange before selling, then it’s a smaller area to paint instead of an entire room.

If this is your “forever home” or you want to make a statement with your wall color, then deep, muted hues are an ideal choice. This home’s living area is a beautiful shade of blue, and complements the white kitchen and light furniture.

When painting your home’s interior, the key is balance. Balance the bright and the light, the bold and the soft. Painting your walls is only one way to bring color into your home; your decor does this as well. When hiring a home painter, consider your aesthetic and decor, and how you want your finished room to feel.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen’s paint is in good condition but you’re itching for a change, painting your kitchen cabinets can create an entirely new look. This is also an ideal choice if you’ve recently moved and have dark cabinets but are looking for a light, airy kitchen.

We can work with your existing cabinets and wall color to create your ideal aesthetic, and it’s also generally a more affordable option than painting your entire kitchen.

Choosing the Right Exterior Color for Your Home

When hiring a home painter for a color that will last 15 years or more, it’s important to know what will work! Like with your home’s interior paint, the first step is to consider your desired aesthetic.

Paint Colors for Victorian Homes

Victorian era homes often feature two to three different colors with varying levels of contrast. As a home painter, we’ve worked on a number of Victorian homes and enjoy bringing new life into an older home.

When choosing paint colors for a Victorian home, there are a few different options. You can keep the color palette low contrast, like this home. The primary color is a beautiful grey shade, with white accents on the trim. These homeowners also chose a high contrast red door, creating a focal point.

If you’d like to make a statement with your home’s exterior paint, creating contrast is an excellent way to do it. This client was looking for a creative new color palette, and chose blue and a warm grey. With white as the exterior trim color, this Victorian home came together beautifully.

Paint Colors for Colonial Homes

Painting your Colonial home offers some unique opportunities to be creative. Our clients have chosen anything from a deep grey with black trim to a beige exterior with white trim. Some Colonial homes may have less detail than Victorian homes, but you can still create a cohesive, beautiful exterior.

With this project, we created a stately color palette that brings a bold, modern twist to a Colonial home.

Considering Homeowner’s Association Guidelines

If you have a Homeowner’s Association in your neighborhood, you will likely need to submit your paint choices for approval. Depending on your HOA, this approval can take anywhere from a few weeks to two months.

Generally, an HOA’s goal is to keep the neighborhood aesthetically cohesive. This means they want to keep homes from looking either too similar or too different. We can work with you to find a color palette that will create a distinct look for your home while following your HOA’s guidelines.

Some Homeowners Associations may be pickier than others, but our skilled colorist can also work with you to find the best colors for your San Rafael home.

Necessary Preparations for Older Homes

If you own an older home with lead-based paint, it’s important to prep the area carefully. While some painters follow the necessary guidelines to limit lead paint dust exposure, there are also many who do not.

We want your family to be safe, which means we take every precaution to ensure lead dust is minimized and the area is thoroughly cleaned up after every day.

“Our house was built before 1978 and we have a 6 month old baby at home, so we especially wanted to hire painters who would use lead-safe practices and minimize our daughter’s exposure to lead dust… they also took some extra precautions for us like sealing off the windows with plastic before doing any scraping (which isn’t required by law, but which helped ensure that we could stay in our house while the painting was being done without worrying about lead dust finding its way inside).

“The crew kept the site immaculate — they covered the ground around the house with plastic drop-cloths while they worked…” – Kate D.

We want you to feel comfortable when hiring a home painter in San Rafael, which is why we’re committed to taking these precautions. Once we remove the lead paint, we can use eco-friendly paint to give your home a safe and beautiful finish.

Choosing the right paint color for your home doesn’t need to be confusing. We’ve worked extensively throughout San Rafael, and can create a unique yet cohesive finished product. By starting with your home’s design and your personal aesthetic, we can create a beautiful finished product you’ll love coming home to.

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